Miércoles, 26 de diciembre de 2012
  • Roundcube 1.x Larry skin for netbook and tablets
  • CSS Centra un elemento en mero centro de la pantalla
  • Mod for Roundcube CSS to use better screen space
  • CSS Hack para Roundcube (mejor uso del espacio en pantalla)
  • Como pedir ayuda a un "Geek" y obtenerla
  • WordPress Frontpage slide show plugin
  • Epson All in one Stylus SX-425-W Troubleshooting (problem Scanning on WIFI)
  • WordPress 3.51 the proper way to get custom avatars
  • Solution to: WP 3.5 "An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later."
  • WordPress 3.4 and higher Custom Avatars the proper way
  • Area de edicion de WordPress 3.5 muy larga (mas de 500 lineas) Solucion
  • WordPress editor text area is too big? Solution
  • WordPress editor Solution to line break removal
  • Asus P6T and IDE to AHCI ends in BSOD
  • CentovaCast reccenttracks.js auto update with fadein and fadeout effect, using Jquery
  • Formato condicional en Excel (resaltar Valores repetidos y Colorear alternativamente filas)
  • Comandos Utiles en linux / Useful linux commands
  • Carpetas abren muy lento en el explorador de Windows 7 (La solucion en 4 pasos)
  • Como maximizar el espacio en tu IPOD conservando la calidad de audio en tu biblioteca en 4 pasos
  • How to stop Small DDOS attacks (Some basic security advice)
  • Why Centova Cast Sucks
  • Is linux going somewhere?? (from a post in puppy linux forums)
  • inject PHP using JS in WordPress
  • Solution to: kPlaylist and Ices 0.4 sending wrong song title metadata (ÿþA - ÿþC)
  • No MORE GOOGLE ADS! (nor others for what matters!)
  • Project Reality and Afterdune scripts (How to)
  • SC_ TRANS Beta.... argghhh
  • Free up to 20 GB of your Windows Vista Folder
  • Play Guitar hero for free from your PC
  • USB devices Stop working after NVIDIA Driver Update
  • Battlefield 2 server eating up box space...
  • Safari Browser don't show properly tables nested on divs
  • Renaming Files
  • How to insert Live Interventions in a ICECast2 Stream without creating a silence
  • Howto Install "lame" mp3 ripper on Debian Linux using apt-get
  • My success history with Adsense
  • Stop Hotlinking and Leeching .htaccess (allow multiple domains)
  • This blog is a mess (SEO Search Engine Optimization)
  • Fail2ban you and your server... How to Unban with Fail2ban
  • How to update Punk buster on your linux server....

Rockdio tech support and advice…

In this blog you will find tips and how to’s for small tasks that tend to be problematic.

This is a compilation of solutions for small problems that you face when dealing with your home pc, your linux server, some programing and doing web stuff you are not supposed to.
We are willing to share the knowledge acquired running a web radio and building it from scratch.

Rockdio, soporte técnico y consejos…

En este Blog encontraras consejos y tutoriales para tareas que suelen ser problemáticas.

Es una compilación de soluciones a pequeños problemas que hemos encontrado al usar nuestra PC, el servidor de Linux, algo de programación, y hacer cosas en la web que se supone no se puede.

Queremos compartir el conocimiento adquirido al manejar la estación de radio y durante su construcción.

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