1 st of May first day of freedom… or not ?

Well yesterday was a nice day, we had a farewell toast in the office and then i came home to keep developping this bloody sites… (More on it later)

I gave up, I’m tired and tomorrow i will go to Normandy to jump from a perfectly good plane… silly of me no?

YES I AM GOING TO JUMP IN PARACHUTE for the first time brrrr…. thrilled!

casavientos1Well this picture is from a place called Casa de los Vientos deep in the Paraguana Peninsula to the west of Venezuela, I had no idea it existed and i owe the scoop to my dad who sent me the link, I spoke with the owner and I think i will add it to the tour i am organizing as headquarters for that region.

Tech Stuff: (yep the bloody sites)

I am stuck with Virtuemar or whatever that bloody joomla module is called, every one proposes a different solution in their forums, and none of them work… Apparently you should not remove the sample data or try to add products… That is the secret…

Also this WordPress blogging service is giving me headaches, i found how to make the plug-ins userselectable (do not activate them site wide… logic eh!) but then i cannot install plugins anymore it is returning a cannot write the upgrade folder problem.

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