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Multiply the rate by 8 with a new technology over-the-air
September 10, 2009
Africa;this morning, with rather original little good news .Miller & MacleanThe IT department of a finance company in South Africa has completely abandoned its Internet connection to transfer files. Indeed, the rates are so slow that for 4 Gb transfer data between 2 remote offices of 80 km, it takes 6 hours. Not cool for the business.

Suddenly, they found an effective and well old school to reduce their “network latency”. Using a pigeon. Indeed, thepigeon service is able to carry on a USB key, these same 4 Gb (or more) in just 45 minutes!Like what, the computer is good but sometimes nothing beats a good old means of transport to optimize an entire business process!

pigeon voyageur Multiplier son débit par 8 avec une nouvelle technologie over the air

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