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Annoying CRAP (From a post in my old clan page)

Dear microsoft, Mcafee, Programmers of the world.
Your fucking applications are not the top of the world, when most users are using a PC they are interested in whatever the fuck they are doing. please show some respect for us and stop fucking popping up your updates, changing the focus of the window or the focus of the field.

Me at least do not fucking care, if the pc worked yesterday before the important update and allowed me to use it, then it most not be that crucial as to ask me every 5 minutes to restart it. if i could afford to restart it i would have done so but probably i am busy using the crucial productivity tools you created for me. so stop buggering me! fuck the hell off!! %&^!$#%^

If there are updates, if there were installations of updates, if msn wants to login it can be done in the background without pestering me! They can blink in the start menu bar, they can stay in the back… but if i have the fucking focus in a window is because is where i want to be at the moment. Continue Reading →


Mares Force Diving Knife… Why it is shit and how to fix it…

Don’t you love SCUBA Diving ?.. As any newbie when I took onto SCUBA Diving, the first piece of gear i bought was this impressive and rather expensive knife from a renowned diving brand. But well as most of the shit in the market today this knife was manufactured in a sweat shop in China and it is rather shit. So it is basically expensive shit.

Setting apart the fact that most experienced SCUBA divers will prefer a smaller and more discrete knife, this short rambo style knife looks good in your leg, arm, BCD… it is Black and Red and you just love it when you see it… However the knife thanks to the ineptitude of some stoned European designer or a ignorant Chinese designer will have other things in mind when it is attached to you.

The knife comes with this great looking sheath and a big release button so you are to assume it is securely sheated until you require it to come off. Specially bearing in mind that most dives are violent rollback or big step entries you want to trust the knife will remain sheathed while doing so… Continue Reading →


Uncontrolled growth can damage your enterprise (Management Wizards beware)

It is a reality than in a global environment a company needs presence and representation in the worldwide market; today many medium sized companies all over the world are struggling to be competitive and restructuring their financial management strategies.

Modern financial managers coming from big schools keep modifying and creating structural entities within the companies, costs centers, etc, forgetting completely that at the end of the day it won’t really matters if your money is in your left or right pocket as long as the pocket containing your money belongs to you…

Companies can grow as the result of successful increase in activity due to marketing efforts or service quality, as well as the result of external acquisitions, whatever the reason for growth it will have as a consequence an increased number of overhead expenditures that can overcome the added revenue benefit (Marginal cost concept)

In recent years I had the opportunity to witness how a strategy change in a company in the hands of financial geniuses turned into a commercial handicap thus killing all the potential benefits of the strategies… (But putting a bucketload of money on the Managing directors and the board) Continue Reading →


Finally French authorities are attacking…

Finally French authorities are attacking those violence inciting shitheads that call themselves Rappers… (I would say C-rappers but well it is my point of view). You can see the article in french here: tirez sur les keufs

The guy made a video with a gun and the lirycs of his crappy song incited to; Quote: “Shoot the cops” Obviously the Cops didn’t like that Hell yeah a C-rapper less to worry about! hope he gets deported but well dont think so after all it is still France… Sarko please Speak loud and Clear!


Spoiled Bitch Intro

Intro to the Unforgiven by Metallica (as played by Apocalyptica)

Am             Em         D           Am

She’s dedicated her life to, Ruining all my dreams

                    Em    D           Am

She’s tried to smash them all, a spoiled bitch she is

                         Em    D          Am

Trough constant nags she annoys, she’s bitching constantly

                     Em     D             Am

This nagging I cannot stand.  A tired man she sees.. (or a married man you see) no longer cares

     C            G       C           G

The annoyed man then prepares to divorce regretfully

      C              G   E

This annoyed man here is me yeah.
Spoiled Bitch


No MORE GOOGLE ADS! (nor others for what matters!)

I recently got bored of all the intrusive Ad techniques saturating every webpage i visit; especially now with the introduction of remarketing / retargeting techniques so i decided to use my friend google to find a way to get rid of all that crap; here is what i found: Cookie protection: Visit this site: Select all and apply; it will place a cookie that removes a lot of remarketing ad networks. (not exactly that but ads will not show anyway if you are interest in how it works read their site) Host File protection: you edit the host file blocking all the known ad networks and they will loop back and dont show in your browser. in windows XP  is: c:/windows/system32/drivers/hosts/ In vista and 7:  c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts/ just go to that folder open the file with notepad and copy and paste the contents of this file: host or just copy the file there… Voila no ads… not even mine!



    • Eleven years ago there was 900.000 workers in the Venezuelan public administration, but today there are 2,3 million.
     • The Venezuelan national government has expropriated more than 600 farms (2.5 million hectares).
     • The Venezuelan government has spent more than 8 billions of dollars in armament purchases.
    • Venezuelan “Strong” Bolivar (BsF) has lost 55% of its spending power in 1 year.
    • The Venezuelan accumulated inflation during the last 11 years is 733%.
    • The Basic Food Basket for the month of November 2009 in Venezuela was estimated in 1.921, 41 BsF (CENDAS).
    • The Venezuelan GIP during the 2009 finished in negative -2.9%.
    • The Venezuelan government has a huge media influence comprising 731 mass media.
    • The number of homicides in Venezuela for 1998 was of 4,500 and for 2009 it closed at 19,400
    • Nine million Venezuelans are in poverty situation and of them 3 million go to bed with an empty stomach.
    • In the Venezuelan Ministry of Education there are 150.000 professors in situation of temporary contracted.
    • 4000 Venezuelan doctors moved abroad.

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What the Hell is the parallel dolar? (Welcome to the black Market)

You see, it is assumed that for every 2.15 BsF that you have in your pocket, the Central Bank of Venezuela should have $ 1 (or its equivalent in other currencies) in international reserves.
Supposedly, the BCV can not create Bs, except when receiving foreign currency. So legally, you Rs 2.15 each entitle him to have $ 1 of reserves.The dollar is yours and nobody else, by natural right, as it somehow.

However, when the government established an exchange control in February 2003 not only established a fixed exchange rate between U.S. dollar and the Bolivar (then 1,600 Bs / $), but also restricted the freedom of the Venezuelan bolivar to change their dollars for their international reserves. Like all freedom-being, the Venezuelan government was only able to respond to the situation caused by unemployment (or sabotage, according to taste) oil murdering a fundamental freedom of every individual: to dispose of their property as they see fit.
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Screw you Argentina (we shall not cry for you)

When Hugo Chávez announced in 2008 he was buying about 1,000 million dollars in new debt in Argentina, a new batch of bonds called Boden 15. I want to focus on the overt hypocrisy of Hugo Chávez, who allegedly provided money to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner because it has great confidence in Argentina’s economy, while at the same time comes to dispose of the bonds as soon as possible in Venezuela , selling them to Venezuelan banks, who only buy the bonds because they want to get dollars (not freely available due to exchange control). But the grace of Hugo Chávez became a grimace, which has served him quite a shock to the Argentine government, which had to move quickly on the weekend to prevent a collapse of its bonds in international markets. Continue Reading →


the failure of the economic model of FarmVille

While fun to play when you have a small farm, as soon as u grow up it becomes tedious and boring.The Machines and the pay per fuel are a no go in a game that starts for free (how many of you actually have spent money buying fuel or cash ?But what disturbs me the most is that every one seems to grow the same high yeilding XP and Coins irregardless of an offer and demand effect that could be easily implemented in the game engine… Continue Reading →

Recipe for Pizza in France

pizzaTo the shock of 60 million french people, indeed Italians many years ago ruled out the use of any other cheese in pizza choosing Mozzarella as standard topping, I am sure that they being as meticulous as they are tried Parmiggianno and also Gruyere but found that mozzarella gave a nice texture and elasticity also releasing the right amount of grease and liquid in order to make pizza what it is.

It only took me 6 years to find out why in hell pizza in France was so bad and tasted like feet chewing gum, I tried several pizza parlors and only the few ones run by real Italians (but not them all) were able to produce the right tasty pie, I am sure that those Italians that have adopted the use of Gruyere have done so in order to be able to sell pizzas to the ever-knowing-it-all-Frenchies that find that mozzarella is not the right taste for pizza… Continue Reading →


My success history with Adsense


This is a wonderful means to get revenue from your site.
You can google all the success histories around you create a pathetic blog like this one, put nice content and then you sign up for adsense program trademark.

It starts all nice every time someone stumble upon your blog google seems to give you like 30 cents and you say at this rate i will be making more money than Bill Gates in a week.

The first week yo

u have like 4 visits and you already have raked up like 14$ and the best is you did not much apart of setting up the thingy to put pub in your page.

Well after a week Google decides that the 4 visits are not diverse enough so they serve you ads that pay when an user clicks 100000 times on it looking south while using the mouse with the left hand. And even then they may cancel that click because there was no elephant stampede and a little zebra… Continue Reading →


This blog is a mess (SEO Search Engine Optimization)

web browsing

I have been tinkering with the idea of what this blog is about?
Well honestly is about nothing; like Seinfeld, Whenever i feel like writing something i put it here; now is this good contents? the web has become a race for the most varied content the most confusing web page gets the better ranking in the Search engines; indeed there is a new profession around SEO Search Engine Optimization… So now we dont make web sites to express ourselves anymore; we make web sites to attrack unrelated traffic in the hope some one will click in one of the ads we put in the site so we can quit our day job and live from the revenue of the site… Well I have a word for that! BULL CRAP! You will not succeed if you try on your own, First of all if you make a site for the Search engines and to display ads, then you are not making a site worth reading for a human… take as an example any site made in France… shitloads of links animated images lots of images, no useful information; so many links you can’t find nothing in there. Continue Reading →


Good news Every one!

Multiply the rate by 8 with a new technology over-the-air
September 10, 2009
Africa;this morning, with rather original little good news .Miller & MacleanThe IT department of a finance company in South Africa has completely abandoned its Internet connection to transfer files. Indeed, the rates are so slow that for 4 Gb transfer data between 2 remote offices of 80 km, it takes 6 hours. Not cool for the business.

Suddenly, they found an effective and well old school to reduce their “network latency”. Using a pigeon. Indeed, thepigeon service is able to carry on a USB key, these same 4 Gb (or more) in just 45 minutes!Like what, the computer is good but sometimes nothing beats a good old means of transport to optimize an entire business process!

pigeon voyageur Multiplier son débit par 8 avec une nouvelle technologie over the air


Why France Why?

imgp0345Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world; that is until you live in it for any extended period of time. I remember discovering the book series Merde actually, happens ETC… This guy really did a good job into identifying the feelings of an alien in France.

I wonder why a city that basically lives from tourism have the ugliest train ever connecting the airport to the city. Not to mention the dark post apocalypse tunnels of the Station where you arrive…

In that station you can see people clearly waiting to sell something to the passing travelers… So most likely your first contact will be with a drug dealer under passive look of the police who seem to ignore that. But wait, because that is if you are lucky, else you will be glad the police is there; the pick-pocketeers is another race that crawls that train Station… Continue Reading →


Biker Pirate Chicken



The contents of this page is likely to be considered offensive by everyone who reads it. Therefore in the unlikely occurrence where you voluntarily landed in this page looking for something be advised that you will not find it here and you arrrr invited to leave in a peaceful way before I unleash the brain damaging dogs.

If you so choose to continue reading you will be offended and prosecuted to all the extent of the rage of a Neptune god gone beserker.

In the unlikely event were you survive the reading of this page you will become addicted to it and will be in the constant crave for more at least a little update, which I’m sorry to tell you it is very unlikely to ever happen, thus you will suffer and die of content deprivation and solitude.

If you are still reading this disclaimer you arrrr an idiot who should be getting a job and a life. If you still insist in being here then I want to thank you for your commitment towards my silliness and your patience. Now I’m bored and you may notice that  the already low quality and lack of redaction skills is wearing off towards the utter nonsense, and this whole thing is becoming absolute crap.

So now with you…

Biker Pirate Chicken, The captain log.


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moietrattaPlease allow me to introduce ratTa, she is our flag rat for adventure! and now she lives in a French horn that we found in Hanfluor.

She’s very kind and nice and is always ready to follow us… Soon she will have her own bloG where you can follow her exploits…


fRee Falling!… yeah!

parachWell, well… Finally, incredibly, amazingly… I did it!…

Last friday with a team of adventurers including my lovely Girlfriend and two more friends we made our giant leap… Into the void! 3000mts of free falling, how cool was that?… extemelly cool…

Arrival to Normandy, le Havre airport, sign up, have the briefing and a long long wait that allowed time for all the fears to settle down and grow… We were scheduled on plane number 10 and we waited for more than 5 hours in the hangar, seeing the people landing and no smile in their faces, looking at the frightened ones sitting on the ground after having jumped and hated it… What dorks! impossible… are we going to like it or not… Continue Reading →


1 st of May first day of freedom… or not ?

Well yesterday was a nice day, we had a farewell toast in the office and then i came home to keep developping this bloody sites… (More on it later)

I gave up, I’m tired and tomorrow i will go to Normandy to jump from a perfectly good plane… silly of me no?

YES I AM GOING TO JUMP IN PARACHUTE for the first time brrrr…. thrilled!

casavientos1Well this picture is from a place called Casa de los Vientos deep in the Paraguana Peninsula to the west of Venezuela, I had no idea it existed and i owe the scoop to my dad who sent me the link, I spoke with the owner and I think i will add it to the tour i am organizing as headquarters for that region.

Tech Stuff: (yep the bloody sites)

I am stuck with Virtuemar or whatever that bloody joomla module is called, every one proposes a different solution in their forums, and none of them work… Apparently you should not remove the sample data or try to add products… That is the secret…

Also this WordPress blogging service is giving me headaches, i found how to make the plug-ins userselectable (do not activate them site wide… logic eh!) but then i cannot install plugins anymore it is returning a cannot write the upgrade folder problem.


3rd post… 3 kinds of people…

Ok now i feel comfortable blogging i want to see what my template does with a third picture.

I have arrived to the conclusion that there is 3 kind of people around…

The ones you can learn from, to those i owe a lot, brilliant people that has something to give to humanity; see if you regonize yourself i will speak of actual people i know:

  • The ones that with his positive thinking and good mood make you change your view of life & bright your day !
  • The ones that actually spend time helping you figure out things and give you a hand… with err Linux..?

Then there is the people that is willing to learn from you, I owe to them to because i enjoy explaining things, in a simple and human understandable way, they listen retain and apply! Isn’t it  a great pleasure to help others?…

It also makes you feel important because not only you were useful to other human being, also you knew more than another human being, so there is for the selfish and for the kind… Everyone wins!

And finally, The ones that are complete wankers! A vast majority… sadly, but wait to those you owe or at least i do the fact that the teachers and the learners are more enjoyable! but to be honest this kind of people is really annoying…

The ones that ask for help and do not let you help…

The ones that ignore you when you ask for help…

The ones that feel superior…

The depressed ones that try to drag you along in their depression…

The stinky ones! For god sake use some deodorant!.. No one want to be sitting aside a skunk