Mares Force Diving Knife… Why it is shit and how to fix it…

Don’t you love SCUBA Diving ?.. As any newbie when I took onto SCUBA Diving, the first piece of gear i bought was this impressive and rather expensive knife from a renowned diving brand. But well as most of the shit in the market today this knife was manufactured in a sweat shop in China and it is rather shit. So it is basically expensive shit.

Setting apart the fact that most experienced SCUBA divers will prefer a smaller and more discrete knife, this short rambo style knife looks good in your leg, arm, BCD… it is Black and Red and you just love it when you see it… However the knife thanks to the ineptitude of some stoned European designer or a ignorant Chinese designer will have other things in mind when it is attached to you.

The knife comes with this great looking sheath and a big release button so you are to assume it is securely sheated until you require it to come off. Specially bearing in mind that most dives are violent rollback or big step entries you want to trust the knife will remain sheathed while doing so…

Well the first time i did a big step with the knife secured to my leg (I firmly believe in the goodness of lanyards) it took me by surprise as i enter the water to see a black swirling thing coming at my throat.. no it was not a satanic killer nudibra

nch… it was just the fucking knife which became unsheathed and was happily trying to kill me.

So i let calm down, grab it sheath it back and continue my dive.

Later that day before the second dive, I decide to move the knife from my leg thinking it is not designed to withstand the force of the water on a big step entry. So I secure it to my BCD and try another big step entry…

The same shit… just this time it was closer to my face… come on guys at Mares… That shit is dangerous… it can damage equipment, cut yourself… So there i am waiting for the knife to calm down and ready to re-sheath it, thinking fuck i got a defective sheath and continue my dive.

Later back on-shore i decide to ask my friend google, and to my surprise quite a few people are complaining about this. There is even a youtube video showing an imperfect solution.

So i do the rational thing any engineer would do… I took apart the sheath to see what was going on inside, indeed the problem with the sheath is that the lever that is suppossed to press the knife and keep it in place is too soft and does not provide enough force to keep the knife clipped on the latches of the release button.

Here is the solution i came with:

cut two small grooves on the ridge on the sides of the lever.

A small carbone bar slides in the grooves forcing the lever out.

Now the knife stays in place withstanding roll backs, big steps whatever… and the best is it still comes off when needed quite easily by pressing the release button.

Come on guys at Mares… 40 / 50 Euros for this and you can’t get the sheath right ?…

  • Be aware of not overtighten the sheath screws or else they will loose the thread and the sheath will come appart (I used a slight torque and a drop of super glue on each hole beforehand.)
  • The knife tends to develop rust spots (come on seriously a diving knife that rusts in 1 afternoon…)
  • Finally… the supplied straps tend to slide and loose tightness.

Basically if you already have one, then you can use my method, If you dont have one: DON’T BUY IT!


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  1. hahaha! thanks for this man! My uncle found this knife while scuba diving and he gave it to me as I didn’t have a knife so I bought the sheath even knowing about this issue…

    I was about to sell the knife but now I will use your method!!


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