My success history with Adsense


This is a wonderful means to get revenue from your site.
You can google all the success histories around you create a pathetic blog like this one, put nice content and then you sign up for adsense program trademark.

It starts all nice every time someone stumble upon your blog google seems to give you like 30 cents and you say at this rate i will be making more money than Bill Gates in a week.

The first week yo

u have like 4 visits and you already have raked up like 14$ and the best is you did not much apart of setting up the thingy to put pub in your page.

Well after a week Google decides that the 4 visits are not diverse enough so they serve you ads that pay when an user clicks 100000 times on it looking south while using the mouse with the left hand. And even then they may cancel that click because there was no elephant stampede and a little zebra…

The truth is that Adsense will pay to the big ones and reserve the ads that actually give money to them… then is when SEO enters the arena… Variety of contents… That is a good one!

How to do it… well lets say your site sells shoes! you need to put content about boots, but people tha buy boots also usually wear helmets, so you put an article on how your brown boots go well with white helmets, since Bikers use helmets too, and usually boots you may also publish something about the rate of accidents of a bike against a car. since people looking for cars may fall now in your site, you better put some articles on how to dismantle a car engine to tune it.
Of course Tunning is a-la-mode so you can speak then of the advantages of putting blue flashing HID led in your turn signals, but wait tunning also is ilegal in some countries/flavors, so you may publish legal advice on what to do if your car if towed in Burkina Faso because it was tuned, since you are giving free legal advice you may also add some parts of the highway code of various countries, and the validity of a North Caroline Driver license in them, so since you now speak of variouscountries you may give touristic advice and list a few trusted tour operators in your area. Having that covered, well the next step is to hire a tour advisor and a lawyer so increase the quality of your content, also a biker for good measure (he can also pose as doorman and bouncer).

I think it basically covers it, now your site will appear every time people looks for:

Bikes, Bikers, He

lmets, Crash Helmets
Boots, Boats (misspelled boot)
Law, Lawyers, Legal advice
Driver, License
Country, tour, tourism
Cars, Tuning, tune, speed

I certainly doubt you will sell many shoes, if any at all, but your site will be ranked like number 1 in every search engine and you will get traffic, probably a zillion visits per day and then more, people that trusts those Search engines to direct them to the right page.

They will probably abandon your page after being really confused as why did a shoe seller website appeared in their search for milking cows, and also as per why and how someone has done such crappy website where you dont even know what this is about… then they will notice the flashy add about a shoe seller the Adsense is serving to your site, they will click looking south, go to the site fall in love with some brown boots (more a shade of maroon) pay for them on line and have delivered to their homes.

Result: the other shoe seller made the sale and earnt about 40% you got a click… if you were lucky you will get a cent, that will be stuck in their books until you accumulate a 100$

I dont know about you but that is not the internet i want to be using…

BTW if you are looking for a shoe seller in your area the search term to use is: “Cow milky way Apollo non commit plus plus” (is important to repeat the plus) -shoes -seller -

Also you can send me an email and i will do a yellow page search for you… (for a fee of course because i am not making any money with my Ads in my sites… And i still wonder why?)

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