No MORE GOOGLE ADS! (nor others for what matters!)

I recently got bored of all the intrusive Ad techniques saturating every webpage i visit; especially now with the introduction of remarketing / retargeting techniques so i decided to use my friend google to find a way to get rid of all that crap; here is what i found: Cookie protection: Visit this site: Select all and apply; it will place a cookie that removes a lot of remarketing ad networks. (not exactly that but ads will not show anyway if you are interest in how it works read their site) Host File protection: you edit the host file blocking all the known ad networks and they will loop back and dont show in your browser. in windows XP  is: c:/windows/system32/drivers/hosts/ In vista and 7:  c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts/ just go to that folder open the file with notepad and copy and paste the contents of this file: host or just copy the file there… Voila no ads… not even mine!

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