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Mares Force Diving Knife… Why it is shit and how to fix it…

Don’t you love SCUBA Diving ?.. As any newbie when I took onto SCUBA Diving, the first piece of gear i bought was this impressive and rather expensive knife from a renowned diving brand. But well as most of the shit in the market today this knife was manufactured in a sweat shop in China and it is rather shit. So it is basically expensive shit.

Setting apart the fact that most experienced SCUBA divers will prefer a smaller and more discrete knife, this short rambo style knife looks good in your leg, arm, BCD… it is Black and Red and you just love it when you see it… However the knife thanks to the ineptitude of some stoned European designer or a ignorant Chinese designer will have other things in mind when it is attached to you.

The knife comes with this great looking sheath and a big release button so you are to assume it is securely sheated until you require it to come off. Specially bearing in mind that most dives are violent rollback or big step entries you want to trust the knife will remain sheathed while doing so… Continue Reading →