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No MORE GOOGLE ADS! (nor others for what matters!)

I recently got bored of all the intrusive Ad techniques saturating every webpage i visit; especially now with the introduction of remarketing / retargeting techniques so i decided to use my friend google to find a way to get rid of all that crap; here is what i found: Cookie protection: Visit this site: Select all and apply; it will place a cookie that removes a lot of remarketing ad networks. (not exactly that but ads will not show anyway if you are interest in how it works read their site) Host File protection: you edit the host file blocking all the known ad networks and they will loop back and dont show in your browser. in windows XP  is: c:/windows/system32/drivers/hosts/ In vista and 7:  c:/windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts/ just go to that folder open the file with notepad and copy and paste the contents of this file: host or just copy the file there… Voila no ads… not even mine!


My success history with Adsense


This is a wonderful means to get revenue from your site.
You can google all the success histories around you create a pathetic blog like this one, put nice content and then you sign up for adsense program trademark.

It starts all nice every time someone stumble upon your blog google seems to give you like 30 cents and you say at this rate i will be making more money than Bill Gates in a week.

The first week yo

u have like 4 visits and you already have raked up like 14$ and the best is you did not much apart of setting up the thingy to put pub in your page.

Well after a week Google decides that the 4 visits are not diverse enough so they serve you ads that pay when an user clicks 100000 times on it looking south while using the mouse with the left hand. And even then they may cancel that click because there was no elephant stampede and a little zebra… Continue Reading →