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What the Hell is the parallel dolar? (Welcome to the black Market)

You see, it is assumed that for every 2.15 BsF that you have in your pocket, the Central Bank of Venezuela should have $ 1 (or its equivalent in other currencies) in international reserves.
Supposedly, the BCV can not create Bs, except when receiving foreign currency. So legally, you Rs 2.15 each entitle him to have $ 1 of reserves.The dollar is yours and nobody else, by natural right, as it somehow.

However, when the government established an exchange control in February 2003 not only established a fixed exchange rate between U.S. dollar and the Bolivar (then 1,600 Bs / $), but also restricted the freedom of the Venezuelan bolivar to change their dollars for their international reserves. Like all freedom-being, the Venezuelan government was only able to respond to the situation caused by unemployment (or sabotage, according to taste) oil murdering a fundamental freedom of every individual: to dispose of their property as they see fit.
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