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This blog is a mess (SEO Search Engine Optimization)

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I have been tinkering with the idea of what this blog is about?
Well honestly is about nothing; like Seinfeld, Whenever i feel like writing something i put it here; now is this good contents? the web has become a race for the most varied content the most confusing web page gets the better ranking in the Search engines; indeed there is a new profession around SEO Search Engine Optimization… So now we dont make web sites to express ourselves anymore; we make web sites to attrack unrelated traffic in the hope some one will click in one of the ads we put in the site so we can quit our day job and live from the revenue of the site… Well I have a word for that! BULL CRAP! You will not succeed if you try on your own, First of all if you make a site for the Search engines and to display ads, then you are not making a site worth reading for a human… take as an example any site made in France… shitloads of links animated images lots of images, no useful information; so many links you can’t find nothing in there. Continue Reading →