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Annoying CRAP (From a post in my old clan page)

Dear microsoft, Mcafee, Programmers of the world.
Your fucking applications are not the top of the world, when most users are using a PC they are interested in whatever the fuck they are doing. please show some respect for us and stop fucking popping up your updates, changing the focus of the window or the focus of the field.

Me at least do not fucking care, if the pc worked yesterday before the important update and allowed me to use it, then it most not be that crucial as to ask me every 5 minutes to restart it. if i could afford to restart it i would have done so but probably i am busy using the crucial productivity tools you created for me. so stop buggering me! fuck the hell off!! %&^!$#%^

If there are updates, if there were installations of updates, if msn wants to login it can be done in the background without pestering me! They can blink in the start menu bar, they can stay in the back… but if i have the fucking focus in a window is because is where i want to be at the moment. Continue Reading →