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Recipe for Pizza in France

pizzaTo the shock of 60 million french people, indeed Italians many years ago ruled out the use of any other cheese in pizza choosing Mozzarella as standard topping, I am sure that they being as meticulous as they are tried Parmiggianno and also Gruyere but found that mozzarella gave a nice texture and elasticity also releasing the right amount of grease and liquid in order to make pizza what it is.

It only took me 6 years to find out why in hell pizza in France was so bad and tasted like feet chewing gum, I tried several pizza parlors and only the few ones run by real Italians (but not them all) were able to produce the right tasty pie, I am sure that those Italians that have adopted the use of Gruyere have done so in order to be able to sell pizzas to the ever-knowing-it-all-Frenchies that find that mozzarella is not the right taste for pizza… Continue Reading →