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    • Eleven years ago there was 900.000 workers in the Venezuelan public administration, but today there are 2,3 million.
     • The Venezuelan national government has expropriated more than 600 farms (2.5 million hectares).
     • The Venezuelan government has spent more than 8 billions of dollars in armament purchases.
    • Venezuelan “Strong” Bolivar (BsF) has lost 55% of its spending power in 1 year.
    • The Venezuelan accumulated inflation during the last 11 years is 733%.
    • The Basic Food Basket for the month of November 2009 in Venezuela was estimated in 1.921, 41 BsF (CENDAS).
    • The Venezuelan GIP during the 2009 finished in negative -2.9%.
    • The Venezuelan government has a huge media influence comprising 731 mass media.
    • The number of homicides in Venezuela for 1998 was of 4,500 and for 2009 it closed at 19,400
    • Nine million Venezuelans are in poverty situation and of them 3 million go to bed with an empty stomach.
    • In the Venezuelan Ministry of Education there are 150.000 professors in situation of temporary contracted.
    • 4000 Venezuelan doctors moved abroad.

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