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Biker Pirate Chicken



The contents of this page is likely to be considered offensive by everyone who reads it. Therefore in the unlikely occurrence where you voluntarily landed in this page looking for something be advised that you will not find it here and you arrrr invited to leave in a peaceful way before I unleash the brain damaging dogs.

If you so choose to continue reading you will be offended and prosecuted to all the extent of the rage of a Neptune god gone beserker.

In the unlikely event were you survive the reading of this page you will become addicted to it and will be in the constant crave for more at least a little update, which I’m sorry to tell you it is very unlikely to ever happen, thus you will suffer and die of content deprivation and solitude.

If you are still reading this disclaimer you arrrr an idiot who should be getting a job and a life. If you still insist in being here then I want to thank you for your commitment towards my silliness and your patience. Now I’m bored and you may notice that  the already low quality and lack of redaction skills is wearing off towards the utter nonsense, and this whole thing is becoming absolute crap.

So now with you…

Biker Pirate Chicken, The captain log.


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