the failure of the economic model of FarmVille

While fun to play when you have a small farm, as soon as u grow up it becomes tedious and boring.The Machines and the pay per fuel are a no go in a game that starts for free (how many of you actually have spent money buying fuel or cash ?But what disturbs me the most is that every one seems to grow the same high yeilding XP and Coins irregardless of an offer and demand effect that could be easily implemented in the game engine…

Everyone growns Poinsetia? well they saturate the market and its value should drop, there is no real competivity in the game, why? they have all in the databases who grows what then why not make the market flow with thaT?

It will add an educative value to the game as children can begin to understand the complexity of world markets based in a fun game.

Also another economics failure in FarmVille is the amount of neighbors you need to buy more land; would not it be better of it there was a relation of cooperativeness, neighbor farm size and that will set the limits of how far your land can expand?
lets say u have 4 friends that neighbor you, each has a 10×10 farm, then you can only have a 10X10 farm but once you get either 8 friends with 10×10 farms you could own a 20×20 (plain math ?) or you need to help and advise you neighbors to make grow their farms so you can expand yours…

Also neighbors can act as a market cooperative, and then you have the soil for the creation of teams that will compete united for a farmer title.

Else the game is condemned to die isn’t it?

But wait… who cares ?

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